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Thanks for following us and wanting to know how two people and two cats decided to pack up and move 10,000 miles away!

Our Story!

We're just two crazy kids that were best friends in middle school and fell in love.  Two New Jersey natives, who are currently recovering from an infectious disease called complacency. Have you ever felt stuck in a rut of the same old, empty routine? Well, that’s where we were (for quite some time) and decided that life is way too short to live it without significance. 

We've lived in New Jersey, Florida, and now have moved 10,000 miles away to beautiful Thailand!  Growing up together has been an amazing experience to watch each other move through life and change over the last 15+ years.

We're both creative minds with heavy interests in music, writing, and all things artistic.  After years in corporate industries and observing our home's culture, we decided that it was time to make a major life change.

So how did we do it?  And how the hell did we manage to bring two cats along?!  It took a lot of planning, research, and adjustments.  But it wasn't impossible.  We believe that anything that you can set your mind to you can achieve, and together we know that we can handle anything.

What Is Expats With Cats?

I suppose it’s the creative spirit in us, but we’ve always had a curiosity about life. This blog was created to put our dreams of an unconventional life out there for others to see the growth, struggles, and inspirations that will stem from this newfound freedom and adventurous journey. Above all things, we would love nothing more than to open the minds of others and provide the inspiration and courage to take leaps in life, even if they scare you. ESPECIALLY if they scare you.

Throughout our time here, we'll be sharing posts on what we're up to, how we changed our mindset to do something so crazy, and resources for others.


We're moving where-!

We welcome you through a window into our lives that will leave you questioning "could I do this, too?!"

About Lauren

In under 20 days time I left my job in the corporate world, packed my “life” up into a couple of suitcases, and flew almost 10,000 miles across the world with my boyfriend, Tom, and two cats to flip the script on our lives and escape the confinement of our comfort zones. What better way to escape routine than trying something you’ve never done before? Where we could have seen a road block we instead saw an opportunity and decided to take it. 

For the first time since age 15, I find myself unemployed with a plan to put forth my passion for writing and creativity into a career. A one-way ticket out of the country has become my golden ticket to freedom and discovery. 

On a more personal note, I’m passionate about food, animals, nature, writing, art, music, traveling, and anything else that can inspire me. With no end date, no set itinerary, and no backup plan in place, I find so much inspiration in the adrenaline rush of an adventure that’s ahead of us.

About Tom

Since I was young, I have always had a creative mind and was constantly reprimanded for "going against the grain." I am a recording engineer, producer, singer, and songwriter.  I have always been drawn to music and believe that it is one of the only things in the world that can only be explained as "magic."

Throughout my lifetime, I have always been moving.  Whether it's figuring out how to move, running around a giant studio finding places to put microphones on drums, or just pacing for hours on the phone, I am most comfortable when my mind and my feet are racing.

I always felt this feeling inside me that something was very wrong with the way culture works.  I remember reading The 4-Hour Work Week and not only feeling inspired, but feeling validated. For me, the question was never "how do I move out of the country?"  It was always the solution.  

About Linus & Luna (Our Cats)

Linus & Luna

Linus was found outside of the Marriott in Orlando, FL where Lauren was working at the time.  Knowing how much Tom loves cats and missed his departed Midnight (who died at 19 years old!), she called to ask if he wanted Linus as a birthday gift.

"No way," Tom said at first.  But after seeing the photos he said "bring him home."

For the first week, we were positive that Linus was a girl.  Until one day, we noticed that he grew a penis.

Luna was Lauren's Christmas present.  After stopping into a pet store, she immediately fell in love.  Luna is extremely friendly and has surprisingly barely grown in a year.  She loves to cuddle and pet you.  Yes, this cat is so nice that she takes her paw and rubs your face.  Cuteness level is over 9,000.

We struggled a lot with bringing our pets on our journey with us.  There is so much that has to happen and it looked like it would be such a massive expense.  It felt impossible.  In the end, we are so glad that we did it!  Having them with us makes us so happy.


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