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Goodbye Corporate, Hello Freedom!

Since age 15 I’ve been swimming in a sea of time clocks, schedules, commutes, and paychecks, most commonly known as the workforce. Some people would say to me then, “Just wait a few years to get a job.  You will be working the rest of your life. Just go enjoy this time before it’s gone.” I…

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Why Getting Rid Of Your Crap Isn’t All That Bad

We start out in this world with nothing but our very own being, our simple existence, needing nothing more than oxygen, nourishment, and a place to lay our head. But fast-forward a couple of decades down the road and look how many “things” we accumulate. Most of us are conditioned to believe that empty space…

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Welcome to Expats With Cats!

Welcome to Expats With Cats!   In 2016 we had this small pipe dream idea of moving across the globe. After spending almost three years living in Florida and then coming back to New Jersey for a while, we just felt a bit out of place. Yes, the familiarity of our family and friends were…

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