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Why You Should Sell Your Stuff To Move To Thailand

Sell Your Stuff, Move To Thailand! In today’s vlog, we discuss what it took to sell our stuff to move to Thailand.  Everything from overcoming fear, quitting our jobs, and changing our mindset to move 10,000 miles away.Simply put, follow these steps: Simply put, follow these steps: Identify Your Greatest Fears (like in The Four…

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Our First Day Out In Bangkok!

Our very first day out in Bangkok, Thailand! So we arrived in Bangkok late at night.  We landed, went through immigration, and after a heart attack of not being able to find out where they kept our pets, we grabbed them.  Landing in a new country was extremely overwhelming but felt so rewarding at the…

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Make The Right Choices FAST Before Traveling

When you have a task or a goal, it’s important that you make the right choices fast.  It took just under 120 days to leave our life back in the US and get to Thailand.  We could have done it in 90 days or even less if it wasn’t for the one major mistake I made…

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Visa Run In New York City

Choosing to get our visas in New York City rather than mailing them was a great idea. Trying to get everything needed for your Visa can be extremely stressful.  Fortunately, the staff at the Thai Consulate were very friendly and helpful. Here we were, 15 days away from moving out of the country, and surrounded by…

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Getting Our Visa For Thailand From The US

Visa For Thailand From The US

One of the most fun days that I had before leaving was when we went to New York to get our visas.  Getting our visa for Thailand from the US was quite the task and took a lot of troubleshooting due to the financial guidelines. In the end, it all worked out. There is a…

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