Visa Run In New York City

Choosing to get our visas in New York City rather than mailing them was a great idea. Trying to get everything needed for your Visa can be extremely stressful.  Fortunately, the staff at the Thai Consulate were very friendly and helpful. Here we were, 15 days away from moving out of the country, and surrounded by…

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Welcome to Expats With Cats!

Welcome to Expats With Cats!   In 2016 we had this small pipe dream idea of moving across the globe. After spending almost three years living in Florida and then coming back to New Jersey for a while, we just felt a bit out of place. Yes, the familiarity of our family and friends were…

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Getting Our Visa For Thailand From The US

Visa For Thailand From The US

One of the most fun days that I had before leaving was when we went to New York to get our visas.  Getting our visa for Thailand from the US was quite the task and took a lot of troubleshooting due to the financial guidelines. In the end, it all worked out. There is a…

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