Why You Should Sell Your Stuff To Move To Thailand

Sell Your Stuff, Move To Thailand!

In today’s vlog, we discuss what it took to sell our stuff to move to Thailand. ┬áEverything from overcoming fear, quitting our jobs, and changing our mindset to move 10,000 miles away.Simply put, follow these steps:

Simply put, follow these steps:

  • Identify Your Greatest Fears (like in The Four Hour Work Week)
  • Identify Worst Case Scenario Solutions
  • Weigh The Risks, They’re Not That Heavy
  • Realize Thailand Is Awesome
  • Sell Your Crap, You Don’t Need It
  • Move To Thailand

And when you get here, don’t forget to eat like a pig at Best Beef ­čÖé

Do you have the courage to sell your stuff and move to Thailand?

Of course you do!

Take a look at your stuff and realize how much control it has over your life and why you don’t need it. ┬áRead more┬áhere.

If you’re struggling with anything towards your move, budgeting, or are crazy enough to bring cats with you drop us a message and we’d be happy to help!